Support for Self-Publishing Authors

In addition to book design, I offer print on demand (POD), distribution set-up, and publishing project management services. POD is a printing technology in which copies of a book are not printed until an order has been received, allowing your books to be printed singly, or in short runs whenever you (or a bookstore) need them. Upon completion of your book design project, I set up your title and submit your files to a POD and distribution vendor I work with. I manage your account and all communications with the vendor. After arranging market distribution, your book is going to be available for orders via Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Chapters, and other bookstores in North America, United Kingdom, Australia, and other territories. Whenever an order for your book is received, it is printed by a POD vendor and shipped directly to a bookstore. You receive your sales compensation directly from the POD vendor on a quarterly basis.

Your compensation = your book’s price – wholesale discount – cost of printing & shipping

I help you calculate the costs of printing & shipping, as well as your potential compensation, for each book size/type of paper/type of cover/number of pages option. Before I start designing your book, we discuss all options and select the one that best serves your book and your needs.