About Anya Shvets

I started Neshama Books in 2012, after writing, designing, and self-publishing my own book, Gefilte Fish for Neshama (Hebrew word for “soul” or “spirit”). Creating a book from scratch felt very rewarding as I was able to find my own way, through design and photography, to best serve the words and what they meant to me. Shortly after publishing the book, I started getting requests from other authors to help them design and/or self-publish their work. This is how Neshama Books was born. I have been working with authors, both debut and established ones, ever since. Books with complex image pages, such as illustrated fiction, constitute the bulk of my work. However, I also love working on simple text pages, finding out how to put letters together in the service of words.

In addition to book design services, I started offering photography for book covers service in 2015. Shooting for book covers combines my two major creative passions – books and photography – and gives me incredible joy.

When working with authors, my intention is to discover in collaboration how to achieve the most effective visual presentation of author’s words. My lifelong consuming interest and immense appreciation of languages and literature help me understand the needs of each particular book and its author.

I now call Vancouver, BC, home. In my spare time, I love to read, photograph, dance, ride a bicycle, and explore various cultures through travel, people, languages, arts, and food. I am fluent in Russian, Hebrew, English, and an aspiring student of French.